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TropicoLawn™ is artificial grass manufactured with the highest technology and quality control to achieve a product with high durability and performance. TropicoLawn™ is an eco-friendly product, free of lead and other harmful materials. TropicoLawn™ has a 15-year warranty and a life span of 25 years. TropicoLawn™ reduces maintenance costs allowing you to recover your investment in a short time.

✅ Natural Look

✅Lead Free

✅ Safety Rated

✅ Non-Toxic

✅ Cost-Effective

✅ Environmentally Friendly

✅ UV Resistant

✅ Weather Resistant

✅ Drainage Technology

✅ Low Maintenance

✅ 15-Year Warranty

You can purchase a full size roll, or purchase a cut-to-size roll as specified above.