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Play-Grass™ is the preferred artificial grass for playgrounds, due to its flawless appearance and soft cushiony texture. Play-Grass™ brings the look of nature to your play environment. Play-Grass™ is safe, more comfortable, cleaner and far superior than a rubber playground surface and natural grass.

🛝 Safe for children

🛝 Hypoallergenic

🛝 Antimicrobial

🛝 Eco-friendly

🛝 Virtually free of maintenance

🛝 No watering required

🛝 Adequate drainage

🛝 Cushioning 

🛝 UV resistant

🛝 Meets ASTM, ADA standards

🛝 Lead free

🛝 20-Year Limited Warranty

You can purchase a full size roll, or purchase a cut-to-size roll as specified above.